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Stuffed Appetizer Bread with Homemade Dough | Cheese Fatayer Loaf


Stuffed Appetizer Bread with Homemade Dough | Cheese Fatayer Loaf

You said what, Cheese Fatayer Loaf? 

How should I describe this?  Think along the lines of hot pockets, baked piroshki, calzones and borek.  A cheese stuffed appetizer bread loaf made with homemade dough.  It is flaky on the outside and pillow-soft on the inside; just like Italian bread.

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Fatayer bil Jibneh | Savory Cheese Hand Pies


Simply put, fatayer is pizza-like dough, rolled crispy thin or fluffy thick, and stuffed with filling; herbed cheese in this case.  Various adaptations of these savory hand pies can be found throughout the Levant, the South Caucasus, Southeast Europe (The Balkans), North Africa, Anatolia and surrounding regions.

Usually served during breakfast, they are equally great to snack on throughout the day or devour with a cup of tea at an afternoon tea gathering; not to mention the perfect party food ~ no forks or knives needed.


Brioche Aux Amandes, Bostock | Almond-Orange French Breakfast Toast



Big Game Bash Series, Part II of Three: Super Bowl Party Main Dishes


Game on! From sliders and pulled pork to hearty sandwiches; hot dogs and chili to tacos and pizza.  We have you covered, whether you are sticking with traditional fare or refashioning the classics.




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