Kitchen 101 | Fundamentals of Cooking and Baking, by Chasing Delicious


A part of the Kitchen 101 series from Chasing Delicious, these posters tell you all about the basics behind cooking and baking at home.  These charts will help everyone from beginners to experts understand the necessary information about cooking techniques.


Russell van Kraayenburg ↓

Like most stories, this one begins a long time ago in a kitchen, perhaps not unlike yours.  From as early as I can remember – a time long before I could reach the counter without the aid of a chair dragged into the kitchen from the breakfast room – a majority of my time was spent in the kitchen, frivolously concocting some mixture I hopped would be edible.  The idea that a seemingly random assortment of items from my pantry could be mixed and stirred, and cooked and baked into a marvelously treat fascinated me.


About the store: “The Chasing Delicious mission is to encourage foodies to create their own recipes and adopt from-scratch baking methods using all natural seasonal ingredients and classic, professional cooking techniques.”

mixing methods

cooking methods

 types of knives,

and basic knife cuts

seasonal produce

vegetables, herbs, fruits


meat cuts, primal and retail

beef, pork, lamb


Check out the Chasing Delicious Store where you can view, print or buy these Kitchen 101 posters!  Ten percent of all poster sale profits will go towards supporting education in the culinary arts.

credits: all images and design © 2012 Russell van Kraayenburg


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