The MANTRY Co. [modern man pantry], a Monthly Subscription Service


Every month, for $75 a crate, MANTRY subscription members receive a curated selection of full-sized items from around the world targeted to fit the modern man`s lifestyle; everything from the rare and exotic to the downright functional.

Reggie Milligan and Kyle Zien of Mantry Inc., the duo behind the Toronto startup company, scour the planet to uncover the best craft, artisan and small-batch products.  Reggie received a $40,000 scholarship to culinary school and burnt out at The French Laundry before he was 19.  He was lucky to work under Thomas Keller in 2004 as The French Laundry was voted the World’s Best Restaurant.  Kyle also spent the last few years in the restaurant/beverage industry traveling throughout North America.

We both have spent enough time being passionate about food to recognize that guys deserve better when it comes to getting good products and no BS advice on how to use them.  Our belief is that a big chunk of guys are being misrepresented as hopeless in the kitchen, when realistically, the modern guy is completely competent when given the right tools and relevant advice.  A pantry is like your closet for food.  If you have a couple decent items you can always throw something respectable together.  If it’s empty, you’re most likely not going have that lady back for a second date.


The packaging, designed by Alex Viau and Tlell Davidson, is inspired by prohibition era liquor crates.  The top of the crates are nailed shut and each month Mantry subscribers pry off the lid to unveil the surprise products enclosed.


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