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Last week has been very busy in the kitchen; baking, packaging and sending out lots of traditional baked goods.

KAGHTSER KEGHKEH (Plit, Gesgoudz), Cream Cheese Cookies


BRIOCHE (Choereg, Tcheurek), Armenian Easter Bread

Buttery sweet yeast bread flavored with mahlab, mastic and black caraway seeds.


MAAMOUL, Pistachio-Orange Blossom Shortbread Pastries


Armenian KEGHKEH (butter cookies), in many flavors and shapes.


AGI KEGHKEH (Plit, Gesgoudz), Armenian Savory Cookies


BARAZEK EL-SHAM, Honey, Toasted Sesame + Pistachio Wafers

Crisp yet tender cookies with buttery crumb, top-side coated with sesame seeds and bottom with pistachios.


Petite bite-size pistachio Ma’amouls, measuring only 2 1/4″ x 1 1/4″, and walnut Ma’amouls.


 MAHLABI KEGHKEH (Plit, Gesgoudz), Armenian Butter Cookies


TSOUREKI, Greek Easter Bread


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