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Vendor Spotlight | Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee, Costa Mesa, CA


an array of colors and flavors,

infused glazes, hand crushed jams + flavored creams


Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee, Costa Mesa, CA


Taste Lebanon | Food Trekking Across Lebanon with Bethany Kehdy


A culinary journey across Lebanon; a personal and intimate’ look inside Lebanese kitchens, bakeries, farm fields, souks, local joints, gourmet restaurants and more.

Bethany Kehdy, Lebanese-American food author, blogger and founder of Food Blogger Connect, is the founder of Taste Lebanon, a boutique travel & service collective.  In collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, they aim at delivering anything but a cookie-cutter tour experience.

video production: Raspberry & Jam, filmed at various locations throughout Lebanon


Hash House a Go Go, San Diego: TWISTED FARM FOOD


The original Hash House a Go Go is nestled just up the hill from downtown in the trendy and hip neighborhood of Hillcrest; one of San Diego’s most distinctive and diverse neighborhoods.

Executive chef Craig “Andy” Beardslee and co-creator and co-founder Johnny Rivera serve off beat New-American food.  Expect crazy concoctions, large portions that border on the ridiculous and long lines at brunch time on weekends.


Coutume Cafe, Paris, by CUT Architectures and Meilleur Torrefacteur de France 2011, Antoine Netien



Capital Kitchen, Urban Farmhouse Cafe by Mim Design


Capital Kitchen is an open-concept dining cafe, bar and retail store in Melbourne, Australia.  It is what you get when minimalist modern is fused with rustic country.  An urban farmhouse, a space and brand brought forth by Mim Design and Cornwell.



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