2011 September

Entertaining Hollywood Style, A Backyard Movie Screening Night


An outdoorsy movie night is such a fun way to gather friends and take advantage of fall’s crisp cooler weather.

The talented duo from Bash, Please put together this inspiring photo shoot for Design Sponge and Brandon Kidd Photography captured all the gorgeous details.  Vintage props from Found Rentals were used to set the scene.


South Asian Beef and Potato Biryani Recipe


This fragrant rice casserole once reserved for the Royals of the Nawabs and Nizams and special occasions is now considered common dish; reflecting traditions and flavors that have evolved throughout centuries.  Using beef and potatoes in the recipe is just one of many variants of biryani that is prepared in South Asia.

Trying to pin point the origins of a dish is hard enough, so I’m not going to go deep into the culinary anthropology of biryani.


Real Kids Parties, Swim Cap Invitation Inspired Summer Pool Party


Inspired by the adorable Sweetie Swim Cap vintage invitation collection by Loralee Lewis, photographer Kelly Anderson styled, hosted and photographed this colorful activities-filled summer pool party for her pre-school aged daughters.

You can’t go wrong with sparkling blue waters, oversized lounge chairs, yellow sun umbrellas and colorful flip flops.  Add water balloons, bubble-blowers, squirt guns and your own poolside photo booth and props to the equation and you end up with an amazingly memorable fun day.


Bulgur and Beef Stuffed Vegetables, a Levantine Recipe


This recipe for stuffed vegetables is down-right comfort food; whether referred to as Meesov Tsavari Letsk in Armenian, Mehshi bi Burghul in the Middle East, or Dolma throughout the Levant.

Bulgur is a wheat cereal that is usually sold parboiled, dried, ground, and sifted into distinct sizes.  It can be found in natural food stores as well as ethnic and traditional grocery stores.  It differs from cracked wheat in that it is pre-cooked.



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