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EVERYDAY FOOD | Spicy Chicken Wings


I’m happy to introduce the EVERYDAY FOOD series; quick and easy home-cooked meals your family can enjoy every day.  Simply look for blog posts tagged with weeknight cooking, pantry quick fix, no recipe recipes or quick & easy recipeNo recipe recipes are dishes that come with how-to instructions and ingredients but no specific measurements; easy recipes that are prepared as you go along and items adjusted to your liking.


Habitat | Living Spaces in shades of Caramel + Mint


Elements in Doug Aitken’s house in Venice, California, blur the line between inside and out.  “The goal was to create a warm, organic modernism that’s also perceptual and hallucinatory.”

Silk-screened walls mimic hedges growing outside the windows; the corner window is amazing.  Microphones integrated into the foundation of the house amplify the sounds of the moving earth and sea.  Stairs can be musically played as well as tables that alternate as sonic tables that can be played like a xylophone.  A kaleidoscopic staircase is constructed of angled mirrors, reflecting the sun’s movement illuminating the interiors.


Copy-Cat Manti | Phyllo Dough Roses with Yoghurt + Chili Oil


Manti is a type of dumpling made with unleavened pastry dough and filled with minced lamb or beef.  It can be prepared a number of ways, which I will cover in future posts.  This recipe for phyllo dough roses, or rosettes, is meant to mimic the experience of savoring manti without all the hustle and bustle of making it.  But why roses one might ask?  Because rolls are not pretty enough!

According to some researchers, manti first reached Cilician Armenia as a result of the cultural interaction between Armenians and Mongols during their alliance in the 13th century.  However, some researchers do not discount the possibility that manti may have originated in the Mid East and spread eastward to Korea and China through the Silk Road (source).


Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Ad Campaign


The Dolce & Gabbana FW2013 menswear advertisement campaign looks like a set of family portraits.  Weddings, christenings, Sunday morning Mass as well as romantic encounters on the picturesque streets of Taormina.


Sambousek Ouzi | Deep Fried Savory Hand Pies


These savory hand pies can be passed along as finger food or set up as part of a Middle Eastern mezze table with other small bites.  Perfect for parties, sambousek can be made ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen; simply deep fry when needed and serve warm or at room temperature.



Hash House a Go Go, San Diego: TWISTED FARM FOOD


The original Hash House a Go Go is nestled just up the hill from downtown in the trendy and hip neighborhood of Hillcrest; one of San Diego’s most distinctive and diverse neighborhoods.

Executive chef Craig “Andy” Beardslee and co-creator and co-founder Johnny Rivera serve off beat New-American food.  Expect crazy concoctions, large portions that border on the ridiculous and long lines at brunch time on weekends.


Gateau Amandine | Almond Pound Cake Recipe


A dense, sweet, fine-textured almond flavored pound cake that is soft on the inside and hard on the outside.



Yard Remodel Project: Outdoor Entertaining and Relaxing


DIYer architect John Tong, founding principal of 3rd Uncle Design, turned a century-old industrial dairy in a back alley into a home with a colorful playground for three kids.  “The courtyard is an extension of the house, with a big table that hosts parties, a stage for impromptu performances, and part of an old loft overhead that will one day become a tree house for the children.”

photo credit: Stacey Brandford, via dwell



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