Santa Barbara Beaches | Butterfly Beach, West Beach + Carpinteria


Butterfly Beach, located at Channel Drive and Butterfly Lane in front of the Four Seasons Biltmore hotel.


Hiking the Palos Verdes Peninsula | Ocean Scenic Trails


The Palos Verdes Peninsula rises above the South Bay of Los Angeles County and is made up of four cities: Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills and Rolling Hills Estates. It features conservancy managed trails, scenic cliffside trails, tidepools, nature walks and beautiful beaches.  Since building is tightly regulated, open space is effectively preserved, avoiding overdevelopment.


Taste Lebanon | Food Trekking Across Lebanon with Bethany Kehdy


A culinary journey across Lebanon; a personal and intimate’ look inside Lebanese kitchens, bakeries, farm fields, souks, local joints, gourmet restaurants and more.

Bethany Kehdy, Lebanese-American food author, blogger and founder of Food Blogger Connect, is the founder of Taste Lebanon, a boutique travel & service collective.  In collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, they aim at delivering anything but a cookie-cutter tour experience.

video production: Raspberry & Jam, filmed at various locations throughout Lebanon



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