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I believe that the element of beauty is in the details and that inspiration is everywhere you look.  I believe in creating total environments by making the ordinary extraordinary.

 A standing dinner party made for mingling.
Entertaining in style: How to host a standing dinner party.

le Shoppe: Baby shoe decorated sugar cookies for a boy baby shower.

 Living Spaces in Shades of Caramel and Mint
Habitat: Living spaces in shades of caramel + mint.

 Easter Holiday Baking, an Armenian Tradition
le Shoppe: Easter Holiday Baking, an Armenian Tradition

 Pink and Black Corset Cookies for a Bachelorette Party
le Shoppe: Pink + black corset sugar cookies for a bachelorette party.

 Editorial, Sicilian Wedding, Photographer Signe Vilstrup for Vanity Fair Italy
Sicilian wedding editorial: Signe Vilstrup for Vanity Fair Italy.

 Hiking the Palos Verdes Peninsula
Ocean scenic trails: Hiking the Palos Verdes peninsula.

 Yard Remodel Project: Outdoor Entertaining and Relaxing
DIY yard remodel project ideas: Outdoor entertaining + relaxing spaces.


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