Real Kids Parties, Swim Cap Invitation Inspired Summer Pool Party


Inspired by the adorable Sweetie Swim Cap vintage invitation collection by Loralee Lewis, photographer Kelly Anderson styled, hosted and photographed this colorful activities-filled summer pool party for her pre-school aged daughters.

You can’t go wrong with sparkling blue waters, oversized lounge chairs, yellow sun umbrellas and colorful flip flops.  Add water balloons, bubble-blowers, squirt guns and your own poolside photo booth and props to the equation and you end up with an amazingly memorable fun day.

Did I mention that the menu included make-your own snow cones, freeze pops, mini-banana splits, pools of gummy hammered shark candy, cabana cupcakes, individually wrapped PB&J sandwiches, strawberry lemonade, sparkling water and a variety of cool beverages…

After all, this is what summers are all about !


Photo source: Kelly Anderson Photography, Loralee Lewis
Found via: Amy Atlas


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One Response to Real Kids Parties, Swim Cap Invitation Inspired Summer Pool Party

  1. By Kelly Anderson, September 16, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Most grateful to see this on your blog 😉

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