Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign


Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign is all about the traditional Italian three-generation family and life in a Southern Italian Village.

I stood; I gazed at, and so wished that I could be a part of that family.  The men and women sport an elegance that comes from another time in history, straight out of those Italian movies that has made cinema italiano a legend.

Watch the video displayed during the La Bella Estate party held by Dolce and Gabbana to get a behind the scenes look at the making of the Dolce & Gabbana SS/2012 Man Campaign.

There is a definite cinematographic inspiration behind the advertisement campaign “La Bella Estate”.  Mario Vivanco shot a cast of Italian actors for the campaign: Francesco Scianna, Primo Reggiani, Thomas Trabacchi, Chiara Francini, Beppe Fiorello, Filippo Nigro.


Here is Swide magazine’s overview of its beautiful protagonists.

Francesco Scianna was born in Palermo on March 25th 1982, having debuted in theaters with Salvatore Quasimodo poetry recital in 1997.  He featured in movies like “The most Beautiful day of my life” by Cristina Comencini (2002), “Baarìa” by Giuseppe Tornatore (2009), “I love you too much to say it to you” by Marco Ponti (2011).


Filippo Nigro was born in Rome on December 3rd 1970.  He graduated under the aegis of Lina Wertmuller, a renowned movie director, and started to act in 1998 in a comedy called “Women in white” (1998).   He acted in “The ignorant fairies” (2001) by Ferzan Ozpetek and in “Facing windows” (2003) by the same movie director for which he won the prize “Nastri d’Argento” as best supporting role and the Golden Globe of foreign press as a best actor.

Primo Reggiani was born in Rome on November 5th 1983. He is thespian stock, son of Aldo Reggiani and Caterina Costantini. He started to act very young and proceeded to feature in movies like “The rebel Sicilian”(2009) by Marco Amenta and “Kiss me again” (2010) by Muccino.

Giuseppe Fiorello, also known as Beppe, was born in Catania on March 12th 1969. After working as a showman on TV for some time, he undertook the acting career with successful movies such as “Baarìa” (2009) by Tornatore, “Terraferma” (2011) by Emanuele Crialese and worked as a dubber for Happy Feet.

Thomas Trabacchi was born in Milan on September 5th 1966. He acted in several movies, some of them international productions, and tv series. Among them, “Now or never” (2003) by Lucio Pellegrini, “Waiting for the sun” (2008) by Ago Panini, “Barney’s version” by Richard J. Lewis (2010).

Chiara Francini was born in Florence on December 20th 1979. She acted in tv series and movies like “A Beautiful wife” (2008) by Leonardo Pieraccioni and she also acted in theatre.  Among the movies, “My Friends- how everything started ” (2011) by Neri Parenti and The worst week of my life” (2011) by Alessandro Genovesi.

The SS/2012 man Dolce&Gabbana campaign shot by Mariano Vivanco in Portofino;

creative directors Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


a birthday party with relatives

a stolen kiss on the docks

sunday with the family


The SS/2012 woman Dolce&Gabbana campaign shot by Giampaolo Sgura;

creative directors Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


The Dolce & Gabbana SS/2012 Woman fashion show was a real visual feast; beautiful prints, macramé, bejeweled evening wear and a vast choice of exquisitely crafted bodysuits.  The Swide Magazine team (by Dolce&Gabbana) have selected the key looks from the collection just for you.


When tradition meets beauty:  Monica Bellucci, Bianca Balti and Simone Nobili capture the essence of the Italian family.  They look like they just walked off the set of a black & white Italian comedy shot in the South of Italy: they could be the Sofia Loren or the Anna Magnani of Cinema Italiano, but they are Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti, protagonists, together with Simone Nobili of the Dolce&Gabbana SS/2012 woman campaign by Giampaolo Sgura.


the first boyfriend

family parties

afternoons at the beach

tender moments with the children

BLACK lace dresses mixed with

FLORAL printed frocks



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