Grilled Beef Patties with Tomato Sauce + Yogurt on Pita Bread


Grilled Beef Patties with Tomato Sauce + Yogurt on Pita Bread

Who said casual weeknight-entertaining has to be boring?

This simple yet wow-worthy recipe is sure to please your guests and get rave reviews.  Grilled beef patties, kofte, are layered on lightly toasted pita bread and covered in tomato sauce, a garlicky yogurt sauce, chili oil and an array of optional garnishes.

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Vegan Chard Kebbeh | Panjarov Bahki Gololag [Keufteh]


Vegan Chard Kebbeh and its numerous adaptations is a staple food on Armenian tables during the 40 days of Great Lent, known as [ Medz Bahk ] or [ Karasnok ] in Armenian and sometimes referred to as [ Aghouhatzk ] by the Armenian Church.բանջարով_պահքի_կոլոլակ-ancient_christian_traditions-meatless-vegetarian-00

Now that Mid-Lent [ Michink ] is just around the corner, I found it befitting to post this Lenten recipe. Mid-Lent is considered a special day amongst Armenians; it is the 24th day of Lent and happens on the Wednesday of the fourth week, hence March 26th.



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