TAHINOV BAHKI GOLOLAG | Vegan Kibbeh with Tahini-Onion-Walnut


TAHINOV BAHKI GOLOLAG (Թահինով Պահքի Կոլոլակ) | Vegan Kibbeh with Tahini-Onion-Walnut

Vegan Kibbeh with Tahini-Onion-Walnut Stuffing

Meatless does not, by any means, translate to boring, and 4o days of Great Lent is the perfect time to get creative with nutrition packed vegan meals.


KIBBET BATATA | Yukon-Potato Kibbeh with Artichoke, Spinach + Cheese


KIBBET BATATA | Yukon-Potato Kibbeh with Artichoke, Spinach + Cheese


Vegan Chard Kebbeh | Panjarov Bahki Gololag [Keufteh]


Vegan Chard Kebbeh and its numerous adaptations is a staple food on Armenian tables during the 40 days of Great Lent, known as [ Medz Bahk ] or [ Karasnok ] in Armenian and sometimes referred to as [ Aghouhatzk ] by the Armenian Church.բանջարով_պահքի_կոլոլակ-ancient_christian_traditions-meatless-vegetarian-00

Now that Mid-Lent [ Michink ] is just around the corner, I found it befitting to post this Lenten recipe. Mid-Lent is considered a special day amongst Armenians; it is the 24th day of Lent and happens on the Wednesday of the fourth week, hence March 26th.


THANKSGIVING RECIPES | Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian + Gluten-Free


For hosts who love to feed family and friends, a crowd-pleasing spread that will surely simplify your menu planning and turn your Thanksgiving entertaining into a memorable day.

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