Armenian Leek + Meatball Yogurt Soup | Prassa ev Gololag Tahnabour


Armenian Leek + Meatball Yogurt Soup | Tahnabour, Spas


K’YALAGYOSH | Armenian Yogurt Soup with Lavash Bread


Rural cooking in Armenia

K’yalagyosh / Քյալագյոշ is an ancient traditional Armenian dish that is made throughout almost all regions of Armenia.  This yogurt soup is also known as Chortandjash / Չորթանճաշ or Kelegyosh / քելեգյոշ in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).  In the old days, villagers used dried strained-yogurt to make this hearty soup and served it to guests early in the morning – with dried lavash bread pieces, green onions or white onion wedges and Vodka.


Mantabour | Armenian Yogurt and Dumpling Soup


Manti are tiny ring shaped tortellini-like dumplings (agantch, in Armenian) that are either baked or boiled like pasta.  Tanabour, Madzoon Abour or Spas is a classic soup made with yogurt; but traditionally made with dried buttermilk.  Once combined together it turns into a one-dish meal better known as Mantabour.




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